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My Work


I began my PhD program at Boston University in 2017. 

I completed my masters degree in history at the University of Utah in May 2015 where I studied the history of sexuality in the American West, specifically gay and lesbian history in Utah.

At the University of Utah I studied the history of HIV/AIDS in the state and its effects on sexuality, culture, and family. After graduation I worked as researcher gathering oral histories from people who lived through the AIDS epidemic in the state. These interviews and ephemera are now kept in a new archive called the Kristen Ries/Maggie Snyder HIV/AIDS Archive at the University of Utah. This project studied the places of care for people with HIV/AIDS including medical providers, community support networks, families, and religious organizations. More information about that project can be found here.

My final project in graduate school tracked the development of Queer Nation Utah, a radical gay rights group that promoted queer visibility and fought homophobia in the early 1990s.

My dissertation is about conversion therapy in the United States and the way that this new field of science linked the state and the church in unexpected ways.