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“You Should Meet My Son” to Screen at FilmBar

A few months ago I received an email from Keith Hartman, the writer and director of an award winning film called “You Should Meet My Son”, a comedy about a conservative Southern mother who is horrified to learn that her son is gay. But as a loving, devoted mother she knows she doesn’t want her son to go through life alone and decides to find him a husband, so she and her elderly sister embark into the unknown world of gay Birmingham.

I pulled some strings and QTalk Arizona with N’Touch Magazine are bringing the film to Phoenix! The film will screen at FilmBar (the only true indie theater in this entire city, and a fine establishment if I do say so myself.) Continue reading →

Pre-election Spooktacular on QTalk Arizona

pre election

Katy June and Justin Unga, the Deputy Finance Director and Political Director (respectively) for the Arizona Democratic Party chat it up with Joe this week on QTalk Arizona.

I give my weekly rundown of things going on in Phoenix this Halloween weekend like the Nightmare on Adams Street, Rocky Horror at Madcap, the inaugural Tempe Double Butte Cemetery walking tour, and info about the VooDoo Revue at The Rock! Busy weekend!

But more importantly, there is a very important election on November 2. I encourage everyone to vote. I don’t have the patience for people who say voting is stupid. Voting is essential and as members of the GLBT community we know first hand that elections do impact our lives. Make your voice heard and bring along 3 friends who don’t normally vote.

Better yet, sign up to vote by mail. It’s so much easier. Start here to begin the process to get on the Permanent Early Vote List.

Happy Halloween!

Sam Wercinski on qTalk Arizona

q talk Same

This week on qTalk Joe interviews Sam Wercinski who is running for secretary of state.

He hopes to be the last secretary of state. Let me explain.

The Arizona constitution designates the secretary of state as next in line to replace the governor. This is what happened in 2009 when our elected governor Janet Napolitano left Arizona to work for Barack Obama.

But when she left, the Never-Elected-Governor Jan Brewer, a right-wing kook, became governor. The succession changed the party in power from Democratic to Republican.

Sam Wercinski wants to fix this by eliminating the secretary of state position in place of a lieutenant governor. If this measure passes, then starting in the 2014 election governor and lieutenant governor candidates would be nominated separately, but elected as a ticket. (This is most states do it. This list is helpful.) The lieutenant governor would still have the same duties as the secretary of state, but this change would eliminate the drastic shifts in power at the top level of government.

You can listen to the interview on the qTalk website or iTunes.

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