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New Year, New Look, New Hopes

Boy Meets Blog is finally back!

First things first, the site needed a major makeover and it finally got one. I’ve wanted to make some drastic changes for quite some time and those changes finally happened. Hooray! (A few more are still in the works.)

Second, this year I’m adding a weekly column that I’m calling “Seth and The City.” This is another project I’ve wanted to do for some time so I’m finally going to do it. With this column I’m going back to my roots: exploring the city I live in and writing about the cool things I discover while celebrating the amazing people and historic buildings (Salt Lake is full of these) that I see daily. Boy Meets Blog began that way in 2008 then grew into other areas that interested me such as LGBT issues, history, local politics, along side my sometimes snarky commentary. I’m proud of those posts and will continue to write about those issues and experiences that are important to me.  Continue reading →

Final Post on DPJ- To a Better Phoenix, To a Better Downtown

I’m living in Salt Lake! (And I work in Draper… words I never thought I’d say. Ever.)

I’m still living in boxes and organizing which has left little time to write, although I have a list of topics and ideas a mile long already. One of these days I’ll get back into my groove as I report about Salt Lake, historic preservation, politics, and general merriment.

Until then, my last post on the Downtown Phoenix Journal went up today. I wrote this a day or two before I moved away from my desert. I loved writing for DPJ and feel very lucky I was able to be a part of it.

My last post is my swan song called To a Better Phoenix, To a Better Downtown.

The Things I’ll Miss in Phoenix


Since I’m soon leaving Phoenix I’ve been thinking about the things I’ll miss the most and the things I won’t. This is what I’ve come up with Continue reading →

Goodbye Phoenix, Hello Salt Lake City

I’ve kept this “secret” for a while and by “secret” I mean I’ve been talking about it for months: I’m moving to Salt Lake on July 28th.

Yes… Goodbye Phoenix, Hello Salt Lake.

Deep down, I knew I wasn’t going to be in Phoenix forever but I didn’t think I’d move quite so soon. I am sad to leave because the desert was my first true love and I’ll miss it, but a new chapter of life is about to begin. I will be starting grad school at the University of Utah, working on a Masters in History. Plus there is a more powerful reason- I’m madly in love and he lives in Salt Lake. I’m moving to begin a life with him. Love makes us do crazy things I guess.

Moving back to Utah is almost like a homecoming. Almost. Continue reading →

Blogging from China. Or Not.

I know I haven’t been on my best blogging behavior lately and for that I apologize. I’m about to take 3 weeks off but I have good excuse this time. I didn’t want to leave my readers hanging and wondering what happened to me this month so I’m letting you know I’ll be in China and Japan.

This trip to Beijing came as a surprise to me but I had the chance to go so I jumped on it. Then the fates smiled on me again. My sister lives in Tokyo so I’m headed there to see her and take in the Japanese culture., eat sushi and sing karaoke and go to a nude beach if I can find the time. Then back to the states where I’ll have a few days in Salt Lake then back to Phoenix where my time left in town is limited.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully productive month.

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