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“Husbands” in Salt Lake to Raise Money and Awareness for LGBTQ Utahans


The GRE is only a week away so Boy Meets Blog is still on pause BUT there is an event coming up in Salt Lake that I think people should know about.

Issues affecting LGBTQ youth in Utah is a big deal, especially when you consider the numbers. “When LGBTQ youths were asked if they’re verbally harassed, 69% of respondents in a recent survey said yes in Utah compared to 53% nationwide. When asked if they’re physically assaulted, 27% said yes in Utah compared to 17% nationwide. About 65% of Utah teens said their state government is not LGBTQ accepting and 74% said churches in their community aren’t either. The teen homeless population here is hugely disproportionately LGBTQ. And, the often-cited official/unofficial estimate on LGBTQ suicide attempts in Utah is about one per week.”

There’s one word for that: Unacceptable.

To facilitate a dialogue about LGBTQ issues in Utah and to help raise money for the Homeless Youth Resource Center in Salt Lake, the creators of the critically acclaimed (seriously, check out these reviews) online TV show Husbands, Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon, will be in Salt Lake at the Rose Wagner Theater downtown on November 11th . It’s comedy for a cause! They will be joined by writer Jane Espenson, representatives from national LGBTQ organizations, and Associate Professor of Psychology David Huebner. University of Utah Professor Anne Jamison will moderate the discussion.  Continue reading →

Utah Beer Fest 2012 in Photos

utah beer fest

Anyone who thinks Utah is a dry state with piss poor quality beer is doing what experts call “making a mistake.” Utah and Salt Lake are places full of quality, craft beer, often times named to reference Mormon culture or doctrine. (Like Polygamy Porter, for example.)

I’ve been exploring my new digs these past few weeks and on Sunday I went to the Utah Beer Festival at the Gallivan Center downtown. Loved it! The sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and the lines to get a drink were long.

But I was impressed by how easy it was to get in to the festival. There was a row of people checking IDs, a row of people taking tickets, a row of people to stamp your hand, and row of people to give you a bracelet. It was effortless. Then everyone got one of these adorable little cups! Continue reading →

Should Salt Lake City make preservation a priority?


On the official Salt Lake City website, the city posted this question on its Open City Hall forum: Should the city make historic preservation a priority?

Continue reading →

Final Post on DPJ- To a Better Phoenix, To a Better Downtown

I’m living in Salt Lake! (And I work in Draper… words I never thought I’d say. Ever.)

I’m still living in boxes and organizing which has left little time to write, although I have a list of topics and ideas a mile long already. One of these days I’ll get back into my groove as I report about Salt Lake, historic preservation, politics, and general merriment.

Until then, my last post on the Downtown Phoenix Journal went up today. I wrote this a day or two before I moved away from my desert. I loved writing for DPJ and feel very lucky I was able to be a part of it.

My last post is my swan song called To a Better Phoenix, To a Better Downtown.

The Things I’ll Miss in Phoenix


Since I’m soon leaving Phoenix I’ve been thinking about the things I’ll miss the most and the things I won’t. This is what I’ve come up with Continue reading →

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