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Should Salt Lake City make preservation a priority?


On the official Salt Lake City website, the city posted this question on its Open City Hall forum: Should the city make historic preservation a priority?

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Final Post on DPJ- To a Better Phoenix, To a Better Downtown

I’m living in Salt Lake! (And I work in Draper… words I never thought I’d say. Ever.)

I’m still living in boxes and organizing which has left little time to write, although I have a list of topics and ideas a mile long already. One of these days I’ll get back into my groove as I report about Salt Lake, historic preservation, politics, and general merriment.

Until then, my last post on the Downtown Phoenix Journal went up today. I wrote this a day or two before I moved away from my desert. I loved writing for DPJ and feel very lucky I was able to be a part of it.

My last post is my swan song called To a Better Phoenix, To a Better Downtown.

The Things I’ll Miss in Phoenix


Since I’m soon leaving Phoenix I’ve been thinking about the things I’ll miss the most and the things I won’t. This is what I’ve come up with Continue reading →

City Creek in Downtown Salt Lake vs CityScape


There is only one word to describe City Creek in Downtown Salt Lake: Holy-freaking-cow-this-project-is-amazing. (It’s one word when you use hyphens according to a rule I just made up.)

If only the Phoenix version of this project (called CityScape) were just one percent as good as City Creek, we’d have something to be proud of. But as I’ve hypothesized in the past, CityScape is the crappy first draft that Salt Lake rejected because it sucked.

So someone in the meeting said, “Take it to Phoenix! They will build anything!” A sadly, we do. To be fair, the Mormon Church threw around a few billion dollars to build City Creek whereas in Phoenix we only spent 900 million dollars. Plus Phoenix aims low and goes for the best (i.e. worst) value engineering money can buy. And thus was born CityScape – an eyesore if there ever was one, a suburban office park in the middle of downtown that spitefully ignores the city streets, a project that pays no homage to the city’s past. It’s a gray fortress that looked dated the day it opened.

Not so in Salt Lake. Callison Architecture, the firm from Seattle that designed City Creek is the same firm that designed ShittyScape, er, I mean CityScape. Continue reading →

2012 Mutant Pinata Show at Bragg’s Pie Factory in Photos

The 4th Annual Mutant Pinata Show is now on display in Bragg’s Pie Factory at 1301 W Grand Avenue.

Jim McPherson and I submitted a pinata for this years show because it sounded like a ton of fun to make a pinata. And it was. We made a mini Westward Ho complete with the antenna, palm trees, the Stacey Champion downtown chalkboard, and of course a mini-cover of our book “Downtown Phoenix.” Jim and I felt that this historic building is sort of a “mutant” in the sense that it is still standing and not taking up space in a landfill. Historic buildings in Phoenix are treated like mutants and demolished so we thought our pinata fit the criteria perfectly. To my surprise and delight, the pinata sold for 5 bucks!! That totally makes me a full time working artist! (In my mind.)

Below are some photos I took while perusing the other entries this year. Make sure to check this exhibit out. There were a lot of great entries. Continue reading →

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