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Thoughts on Visiting China

on the wall

I spent most of June in Beijing plus a few days in Tokyo- and loved it! These are some of my observations about China:

1) Phoenix will never host an Olympic Games

Yes, even from Asia I can make a Phoenix connection somehow, but this one isn’t my usual, optimistic view. I spent nearly an entire day at the Beijing Olympic Village. I saw the Birds Nest, the Convention Center, the Aquatics Center, the underground mall, the dragon shaped river, and the Sunken Gardens. The Olympic Village was huge! It was also easily accessible from the newly constructed subway line that connected it to the rest of the city.

I was by myself during during a few of the days in Beijing so I have a lot of photos taken at an arms length.

The Aquatics Center

Something this big, something this modern and easy to get to will never be built in Phoenix. Ever. Phoenix hosted the Superbowl a few years ago in a stadium not located in the city of Phoenix (it’s in Glendale, a west valley suburb) and frankly out in the middle of no where, with nothing to do, and nothing to see. The major complaint I heard during the Superbowl was how spread out the Valley of the Sun is and what a pain it was for everyone to have to drive everywhere without any other transportation option. Plus, unless you’re a little crazy like me, the Arizona summer heat will repel the peoples of the world from visiting during the hottest months of the year. Sorry, but the Olympics will never grace Phoenix.

2) Chinese beer is horrible

Not horrible in the taste, horrible in that I could drink 3 or 4 and feel no buzz! I drank 3 beers while exploring the Great Wall of China and all I got from it was the urge to pee. Continue reading →

Southern Belle Tour From Hell!

For months I had been looking forward to my cross country road trip with my little sister that I dubbed “The Southern Belle Tour” starring me as the southern belle. I imagined driving through the south, drinking mint juleps in adorable towns, perhaps meeting a handsome southern man with whom I’d have a fairytale romance, and say things like, “I declare!”

It was not to be. Like most of my dreams that don’t come true, the Southern Belle Tour was nothing like I imagined, it was a complete disaster from day one. Continue reading →

Review: Salt Lake Pride 2011

roseanne slc pride

Since 2006 I’ve been saying, “I want to go to Salt Lake Pride.” And since 2006 I’ve never been able to go. That is until this year!
I can sum the experience up in one sentence: Salt Lake Pride knows how to party. Continue reading →

Tsk, Tsk New Times

Sunset Near Yuma, AZ

An article in Sunset magazine about Yuma, Arizona led to the self-hating rag, Phoenix New Times, to post their own story in response. A firestorm has erupted and the Yuma Visitors Bureau has even gotten involved.

The unfair and senselessly unkind New Times story is here. (Go ahead and read it… I’ll wait.)

The New Times blog post is kind of like watching Animal Planet when the lion rips a gazelle to pieces. The key difference of course is the violence on Animal Planet is because lions have to eat whereas the New Times story is vicious for no reason. Continue reading →

Feast of Fun T-Shirt Travel Log

I’ve started a travel log with my Feast of Fun T-shirt; where I go, it’s gonna go. I travel about as much as a guy with a regular Monday-Friday, 9-5 desk job can travel, but I do ok. I take a lot of weekend trips to places around Arizona but I have some bigger trips planned this year and I’ll add more photos the more I travel. I’m helping to spread the Feast of Fun love! If you have a FoF shirt, do the same. :)  Continue reading →

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