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All the Stories: Documenting LGBT Love Stories


My friend D’Arcy Benincosa a photographer and filmmaker in Salt Lake needs your support to help make her film  happen. There has never been a feature length movie documenting the story of gay marriage across America because it hasn’t been legal… until recently.

I’ve grown weary of the tortured gay story, the one in which all gay people are all reduced to harm and soaked in shame. That story has been told time and again and frankly it needs to end. Yes, gay people have been harmed and shamed but from that harm we have found strength, courage, and power to bring change and equality to the world. We win when we deploy love.

Which is why I think this project is important. D’Arcy filmed me and Michael for her project and it’s posted on YouTube and I’m posting it here.

Her project has been featured on Freedom to Marry and Upworthy.

Take a moment to check out her campaign on Indiegogo and if you have some extra dollars around, think about contributing to this project.

Why Marriage Matters to Me

A campaign launched a few weeks ago called Utah Unites for Marriage. From their website:

Utah Unites for Marriage is a broad and diverse coalition of state and national organizations, faith, business and civic leaders and everyday Utahns who are joining together to support the freedom to marry. The new, statewide public education campaign will work to broaden the conversation about why marriage matters to all couples and their families.  It comes on the heels of a federal court ruling that granted the freedom to marry in December, and in those 16 days of equality, over 1100 same-sex couples married.  That ruling is now under appeal by the state. While the litigation weaves its way through the federal court system, Utah Unites for Marriage will grow the grassroots network of people throughout the state committed to ensuring this basic freedom is soon available to everyone in the state.

Utah Unites for Marriage posted a story about the day that Michael and I got married legally in Utah.
You can read that here.
I wrote a guest post about marriage equality and why it matters for me and Michael. Utah
Unites for Marriage posted it on their website today. You can read it here.

Big Win for LGBT Utahans

capitol and sunlight

After 5 years of trying, Utah made some progress last night. I received this email from Equality Utah:

Seth, this is what progess looks like!

Thanks to your efforts in the past couple of days reaching out to legislators on the Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services committee…

they just voted YES to move our workplace and housing nondiscrimination bill to the senate floor! Continue reading →

Utah Dems call GOP Bluff- panic ensues.


Cover this in whipped cream and chocolate syrup because this story is delicious!

First, some context is necessary to fully appreciate the deliciousness of the story.

Continue reading →

State of Utah- State of Denial

I learned a new word when I moved to Salt Lake- Inversion.

I scoffed and said, “It can’t be THAT bad!” After all, I grew up in Southern California and Phoenix; I know what dirty air is like. Then it got cold up here in Salt Lake, and the mountains began to disappear behind a thick toxic cloud, and the skyscrapers that I could see in the summer from my downtown apartment (skyscrapers across the street!) also vanished behind air so think I can chew it.  Continue reading →

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