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Sticks, Stones, and F-bombs…

holding hands_seth and michael_2

Michael and I took a stroll on the streets of downtown Salt Lake on Friday night as we often do. And as we often do, we hold hands.

We approached the intersection of 300 South and State Street where we waited for the light to change. While waiting for a green light a young blonde woman and a man about her age approached the corner of the street, also hand in hand. We waited for the light to change then proceeded to cross.

Half way across the street a car turned and a deep, masculine voice from the car yelled out “Fucking faggots!!” and sped north on State Street. Ever so politely, I waved at the car as the cowardly driver drove off in anonymity. Continue reading →

Seth and the City: Walking Tour of South Temple, Part 2


Read Part 1 here

So much more of South Temple to see!

This is the Ferguson/Hall House, next to the Keith Mansion, is located at 551 E South Temple. Jeannette Sharp Ferguson and her husband Fergus Ferguson, brother of Mary Keith (the wife of David Keith) buit this house in 1898. The house has many characteristics of the Queen Anne and Colonial styles that had become popular in Utah in the 1890s. Notice the varied window shapes, the octagonal corner bay window with a dome, a columned porch, bracket cornices and a wood-shingled second story atop a brick base. Judge William C. Hall, a Confederate soldier from Kentucky made this his house in 1898. Hall moved to Utah in 1872 where he became a prominent mining attorney and judge. Continue reading →

Seth and the City: Walking Tour of South Temple, Part 1


South Temple, once nicknamed Brigham Street, is the Grand Boulevard of Salt Lake and has been from the founding of the city. Brigham Young built the Lion House for his many wives and children as well as his own residence, the Beehive House, on the corner of South Temple and State Street. Young also built the Gardo House, called Amelia’s Palace for one of his wives on South Temple, practically across the street from Temple Square. Unfortunately, the city demolished this opulent, gorgeous mansion in the 1920s. (I have a theory why, but it’s a post for another day.)


Amelia’s Palace

Giant trees line South Temple, as do many remaining mansions that served as the residences for some of Salt Lake’s most prestigious and wealthiest citizens.

I live in a building constructed on South Temple in 1902. Mr. Brigham Young is buried in the backyard. Seriously. The area is a park, complete with a bust of Young and a statue of him reading to children. The setting is rather lovely and I go there to read.

I love living on South Temple and I walk past these buildings daily. Tonight I took my camera and snapped some photos of the magnificent buildings along South Temple to share with the world the beauty of my neighborhood and this city I now call home.
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Seth and the City: The Anderson Tower

drawingSLC withtower

Michael and I took a walk through The Avenues (our delightful neighborhood) up to the intersection of A Street and 6th Avenue where we discovered a beautiful park overlooking Memory Grove, the Capitol Building and the downtown skyline.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? A historical marker with an image of a granite tower inspired by a Scottish folly called the Anderson Tower.
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Seth And The City: The Perfect Coffee Shop

Jack Mormon Coffee

This is the first post in what I hope will be at least a weekly series that I’m calling “Seth And the City.” These posts will chronicle my exploration of Salt Lake and focus on urban issues, historic preservation, and city history. 

Salt Lake City is full of surprises and frustrations. For example, liquor laws in this state are obnoxious. Another frustration is the winter inversion. This year it is resulting in a public health emergency and seriously detracts from the image of Salt Lake as a pristine mountain retreat. A surprise is that Salt Lake has a rich and diverse religious history, it’s not ALL Mormon. (I’ll explore churches in Salt Lake in my next post.) Also surprising is the amount of coffee shops in Salt Lake and more surprising is the quality of them. The best coffee I’ve ever had in my life has come from coffee shops in Salt Lake City.  Continue reading →

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