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Jan Brewer’s State of the State and New Policy Plan 2012


Jan Brewer delivered here State of the State address on Monday. You can read it here. Brewer’s State of State- Jan. 9, 2012.

I read it, seemed ok. Nothing too detailed, but I guess a State of a State address right before a state’s centennial would be more celebratory than detailed. Dare I say I kind of liked what she said? At least I like most of what she said. I try to find common ground with people and Brewer and I love Arizona and I’m willing to build on that.

She was specific that Prop 100 would end in 2013 stating:

An integral part of our recovery plan was the passage of Proposition 100—the one-cent sales tax approved overwhelmingly by the voters for three years.  The voters were promised it would be temporary.  Many doubted that.  Well, I gave my word to the voters.  And, a promise is a promise…So, I’m here today to say: This tax will end on my watch! This tax will end after three years in 2013.

Her policy plan titled “The Four Cornerstones of Reform” focused on Economic Competitiveness, Education, State Government, and Renewed Federalism. You can read her policy plan here Governor’s policy plan- Jan. 9, 2012. It’s pretty much what you would expect from a right-wing Arizona Republican- government is bad, we need less government. Continue reading →

My Interview on QTalk Arizona


The Joe and Babe show is back for a new year and I was the first guest of 2012.

You can listen to the episode here or find it on iTunes (when you search for QTalk). I was there to promote my new book “Downtown Phoenix.”

From the QTalk website:

We’re baaaaaack!!  We’re super-excited to be back on the Internet airwaves in 2012!  Our first guest of the year is no stranger to QTalk Arizona, he’s none other than J. Seth Anderson who started our “What The Hell Is Going On In Arizona?”podcast!

Seth has lived in the Valley for many years, but over the past decade has really to come to love downtown Phoenix.  He’s very actively involved in preserving historic buildings and working to create better ways of using our existing land.  In fact, he’s so active that he recently co-authored a book on the very subject!  The book, aptly named “Downtown Phoenix” is now available and it’s a beautiful book with countless wonderfully historic photographs that tell the stories of our downtown.


4th Annual Christkindlmarkt in Downtown Phoenix

Just when I think I know everything that is going on in Downtown Phoenix, I am delighted to learn that I don’t! I didn’t even know we had a German Christmas Market in downtown Phoenix but apparently it is in its 4th year. Hooray for fun events! Christkindlmarkt is this Saturday, December 3, from 10 a.m.-8 p.m at Heritage Square.

The Christkindlmarkt – a celebration held throughout Germany and Central Europe since the Middle Ages – brings cherished German and European traditions to downtown Phoenix with holiday entertainment, German, Austrian and Swiss cuisine, vendors and local artisans selling merchandise like children’s toys and Christmas ornaments, plus activities and entertainment. Admission is free. Continue reading →

Open Letter To An Anonymous Neighbor…

Dear Anonymous Neighbor,

Thank you for the kind note you left on the door my first day in the new apartment. I can’t tell you how lovely it was to come back after a little coffee break to see your note taped to my door. I can’t tell you what a ray of sunlight it was to know you reported me to the office my first day here. Continue reading →

Greg Stanton on QTalk Arizona


QTalk Arizona is interviewing the 2011 Phoenix mayoral candidates each week.  We’re having some casual conversations with the candidates and asking them to ‘remove their campaign hats’ to just talk to us as real people. We took some of our own listener’s questions along with our own and posed them to the candidates.

This week, we’re talking with Greg Stanton. Continue reading →

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