Nothing changes when we remain silent. The cancer eating away at our society is racism, homophobia, misogyny, classism, and poverty. I believe we must work towards a more just and equitable society through meaningful consciousness raising and direct action activism.

Ending Conversion Therapy


Photo Credit: Kathleen Perrin, Equality Case Files

Ferguson v JONAH: My husband was the named plaintiff in this landmark case filed by the Souther Poverty Law Center

Interview about the Ferguson v JONAH caseĀ on Mormon Stories– Sharing our stories is an essential component of activism

Ending LGBT Youth Homelessness

Co-Founder of the DigniTEA Foundation– A nonprofit dedicated to raising funds and awareness about youth homelessness and how we can end it

Co-Organizer of the Inclusive Families Conference– A two-day conference to celebrate the rich diversity of families

Queer Spirituality

Co-organizer of Seeing Christ in Every Child– Queer people of faith, broadly defined, must speak out against the abuses of fundamental religions

LGBTQIA Human Rights Devotional– We must reclaim and reimagine spirituality/religion in a post-marriage equality world


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