Sued for Being Queens

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As many may know, my husband and I started a tea company in Salt Lake City in 2012 that we call The Queens’ Tea. We sell loose-leaf tea at farmers markets in Salt Lake and distribute to a handful of coffee shops in town. For over a year we have been dealing with company from Seattle called the Queen Mary Tearoom and Restaurant. They have claimed trademark infringement, they demanded we pay them $15,000 and that we change our name.

We have tried to work with this company for over a year. We offered three times to change our name and each time, this company has rejected our offer and demanded we pay them or else they would sue us.

They sued us in Federal Court in Washington.

I’m still baffled by this as I can’t figure out what they expect to get. Michael and I started The Queens’ Tea with a personal credit card and $3,000 of my savings. We have no assets. We have no investors. We have no employees. Neither he nor I have ever received a paycheck. So I’m not sure what the Queen Mary Tearoom and Restaurant really expects to get.

We gave an interview to The Salt Lake Tribune about the situation and released a statement. We’ve set up a GoFundMe to help us with our ongoing legal fees.

If you’re interested, please read about our situation here

This is a link to the Salt Lake Tribune article

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