Just For Fun- My SLC Shirt

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I have all kinds of fun ideas in my head but not many ways to make them a reality. I believe experts call this an “imagination.”

But I figured out how to do (some) things in a computer program called Illustrator. It makes vector files, whatever that is.

Apparently, Illustrator is great for making files that you can then put on t-shirts! So one of my ideas came to life in this Seth Anderson Original. I call it my SLC Shirt and it says “I Angel Moroni SLC.” Other people have told me it says, “I blow SLC” and “I toot my horn SLC” among other things.

It means whatever you want it to mean. I just know I love it. I’ll make them and sell them if people would actually buy them. Leave comments below if you think I should.

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  • Gregory
    July 17, 2015

    Um. I totally want one of these! How much???

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