Utah Beer Fest 2012 in Photos

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Anyone who thinks Utah is a dry state with piss poor quality beer is doing what experts call “making a mistake.” Utah and Salt Lake are places full of quality, craft beer, often times named to reference Mormon culture or doctrine. (Like Polygamy Porter, for example.)

I’ve been exploring my new digs these past few weeks and on Sunday I went to the Utah Beer Festival at the Gallivan Center downtown. Loved it! The sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and the lines to get a drink were long.

But I was impressed by how easy it was to get in to the festival. There was a row of people checking IDs, a row of people taking tickets, a row of people to stamp your hand, and row of people to give you a bracelet. It was effortless. Then everyone got one of these adorable little cups!

In this picture the cup is filled with a beer called “This is the Pilsner” and let me tell you, this is a good beer from a place in town called Hoppers. I’ll be going back.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this cup. I seriously thought it was so damn cute.

Here it is again with the Walker Building behind it. I also love the Walker Building.

Desert Edge Brewery was there and before moving to Salt Lake I would try to stop by their location at Trolley Square every time I was in town. (In fact, that’s where I was drinking the day I heard that Verde, my favorire Mexican restaurant in downtown Phoenix, was closing.) Frowny face.

Unita Brewing, Red Rock Brewing, Squatters and many others that I don’t remember by name were there. Here are a few photos that I snapped while walking around before getting happily buzzed and taking Trax home.



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