Fundraising For The Documentary “Far Between”

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In April, a video from the documentary “Far Between” made national news. This video highlighted the struggle of LGBT students who currently attend Mormon owned and operated Brigham Young University (BYU). The purpose of this project and the documentary is to contribute to the dialogue of what it means to be gay and Mormon without “the common temptation to devolve into simplified polemics and instead convey the myriad nuances and complexities that make up the experience of leaning into both aspects of a life simultaneously.”

The BYU video achieved this goal and can be seen on the Far Between website here

The filmmaker, Kendall Wilcox, has spent the past year interviewing over 150 people about the intersection of Mormonism and homosexuality. About his work this past year Wilcox said, “I’ve met activists and authors, husbands and wives, gays and straights, families of every variety and Mormons of every kind. These people have reminded me that every voice deserves to be heard because all of them together tell the story of what it really means to be homosexual and Mormon today. Along with these stories, we’ve compiled exhaustive research, created “It Gets Better” videos from both the BYU community and Mormon family and friends, and helped organize Mormons Building Bridges, all the while covering our costs through self-financing and donated time.”

The second phase of the project is now underway and the producers of the film are reaching out to the community to help move this project forward. Please consider donating to the film’s production costs to help these important stories be heard.

For more background info, I’ve written about Kendall, the film and the Empathy First Initiative on my blog before. I even made a video for the project.

This is a project I believe in and want to see become a reality. It has the power to be a game changer in the discussion that moves this often times contentious and painful experience of being gay and Mormon to a new level of understanding and empathy (and I hope a positive change.)

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