Marching against SB1070 in Downtown Phoenix

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The controversial Arizona immigration law commonly referred to as SB1070 made its way to the United States Supreme Court yesterday and there is a lot at stake. I had my eye on the news and Twitter all day to keep abreast of the proceedings and by the time I left my house to walk over to the march, the oral arguments had wrapped up and it sounded like the Justices were siding with the State of Arizona. The official ruling will not be made until June, so we’ll see.

For a more in depth discussion of the oral arguments, check out this post from the Supreme Court Blog.

To the west of Central Avenue down Washington Street, the Tea Party was having their own rally at the Capitol Building. (I read there were 25 people there and some state reps spoke about the court upholding the law.) At the march I was in, an estimated 500 people showed up. There were families, children, signs, masks, and flags. I thought the timing of the march was perfect: we hit the street at about 5 p.m., in other words, during the middle of downtown rush hour traffic. I thought that was effective. We were not allowed to march on the streets, but the sidewalks were just fine.

For the record I’m opposed to SB1070 and have been since the day the (then unelected Jan Brewer) signed it into law and I marched in the first Alto Arizona protest in May 2010.

SB1070 fails to secure the border (as Brewer always say we have to do), itĀ separatesĀ families, it’s racist, it’s ineffective. We all agree that there must be immigration reform but SB1070 is not the way to do it. We’ll see what the Supreme Court thinks.

These are the pics I took while marching through the streets of downtown Phoenix.

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