Mormon Stories Expanding to Include Gay Mormon Stories

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I’ve been a fan of Mormon Stories for a looooooooong time. A number of years ago it was just one podcast where complex issues regarding Mormon theology, culture, and history were discussed in depth by Mormon apologists, disaffected Mormons, active Mormons, Mormon historians, scholars, etc. In short, it was the meat that many of us had been looking for after lots and lots of milk.

Mormon Stories filled a need within Mormon culture as a neutral, safe place for deep questioning, discussion and for many people, serious healing. As the podcast has grown, so has the Mormon Stories community. There are Facebook groups all over the country, regional conferences, meet-up groups. I’ve met so many wonderful people in Phoenix at the Mormon Stories book clubs and other social events that have been organized. At the Mormon Stories conference in February I felt at home among “my people.”

Today I am happy to announce the forthcoming addition to the Open Stories Foundation (which Mormon Stories is a part of) – Gay Mormon Stories. 

Gay Mormon Stories is a new podcast helping to build understanding within Mormonism for our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered brothers and sisters.

Please “Like” the page on Facebook and help spread the word. Check out the Gay Mormon Stories website in the coming weeks and months for what will be some groundbreaking interviews.

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  • pat L
    April 18, 2012

    Thanks for your wonderful blog! While my background is Catholic, I can empathize with folks who are deeply religious and who are coming out of the closet, in a tradition that doesn’t want to hear the word “Gay”! Time – and Jesus – is on your side!

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