My Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee: Stop HB 2625

Before I was any other kind of activist, I was a Feminist. I was reared by educated, articulate, powerful women who taught me about love, justice, and equality. So issues pertaining to women’s rights, women’s health, women’s choice hit close to home for me which is why I’m fired up about HB 2625, a law that would allow employers to fire women who use birth control. Republicans always advocate for “smaller government” and now we all know what that means: government so small it can pass laws that fit in your uterus.

I wrote to the Senate Judiciary Committee today to voice my opposition to HB 2625. I’m proud of this letter because I got to use the words “vagina” and “menstrual cramps” to Arizona Senators. (This afternoon I received a reply from Steve Gallardo of District 13 who said he was opposing this bill. I’ve sent him a thank you.)

Senate Judiciary Committee members,

I grew up with a single mother and two sisters and I take issues relating to women very seriously.
Contraception isn’t just about sex, it is also an issue of health, but since the Arizona legislature seems intent on discussing private health issues of Arizonans, let’s talk about some now.

There are women in my life who use birth control as a way to deal with menstrual cramps. Taking birth control allows them to be at work every day of the month. Another female friend also has a heavy monthly flow and taking birth control helps reduce it.

You were elected to deal with issues pertaining to the economy, jobs, taxes, and schools, not vaginas and menstrual cramps.Please stop HB 2625. This bill isn’t about religious liberty—it’s about taking away existing protections for women’s access to basic health services.

•    HB 2625 changes the law to actually let employers discriminate against women who obtain contraception on their own—and efforts to save the current law have been soundly rejected by lawmakers.
•    HB 2625 allows employers to violate a woman’s privacy. If a woman obtains contraception for a “non-objectionable” reason, she can ask her employer to cover the cost—but she has to explain her private medical reasons for taking contraception and she still has to pay up front.
•    HB 2625 is out of step with mainstream American views, including the views of people of faith. Most Americans, including religious individuals, support coverage for contraception.

Please stop this bill and get back to work on issues that will make Arizona great.

Sign the petition against this bill here then make your voice heard and contact the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Ron Gould (chairman): 602-926-4138;
Andy Biggs: 602-926-4371;
Judy Burges: 602-926-5861;
Adam Driggs: 602-926-3016;
Steve Gallardo: 602-926-5830;
David Lujan: 602-926-5058;
Rick Murphy: 602-926-4444;
Steve Yarbrough: 602-926-5863;

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  • Caroline Lee
    March 14, 2012

    No employer has the right to decide what is or isn’t moral nor do they have the right to make health decisions on female employees.

    For the love of God, please stop giving too much power to employers by allowing them the right to play with women’s lives!

  • Kessa Switz
    March 14, 2012

    How do I help stop this? So much for “Land of the Free”. This is so violating to women it is disgusting.

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