Downtown Phoenix Whiskey Bar- A Vision

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When I think about the southwest, I think about cowboys. Then I think about whiskey, because in my mind cowboys were two thing: sexy and whiskey drinkers. At least that’s what every Hollywood movie about the West has ever told me, and why would a Hollywood movie lie to me?!

The point is, Phoenix does not currently have a whiskey bar, a place dedicated solely to that dark, delicious, oaky, seductive liquor that I drink like water. Phoenix has Rum Bar, and soon a Vodka bar, and Side Bar, and the now defunct Pasta Bar, and FilmBar, and Bar 1, and Bar Smith but no whiskey bar. Denver has a whiskey bar for heaven sakes, why can’t Phoenix?

I even have the perfect place for it- the old Charles Pugh House on Second Avenue between Van Buren and Roosevelt Streets. This house constantly tops the list of “Most Endangered Historic Places in Phoenix” so I propose we save it with some adaptive reuse. This house is one of the very few remaining Victorian houses built in Phoenix in the 19th century (1897 to be exact) by Charles Pugh, the editor and proprietor of Southwestern Stockman.

This Queen Anne style house is built on a stone foundation, and has stained glass windows, a shingled roof, hand carved brackets at the eave, and a front courtyard. This house was an architectural standout in its day and still is. Additions have been made over the years, but considering its age and how neglected this beautiful building has been the house is actually in pretty decent shape.

This is my vision for the Whiskey Bar. Here’s the house as it currently looks















And here’s the house as a Whiskey Bar!!

Hmm…. It looked a lot better in my mind, but you get the idea. The sexy cowboys of Phoenix and whiskey drinkers such as myself need another awesome place to quaff  libations of a refreshing nature. This is the solution.

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  • cathy
    March 17, 2012

    i have a bottle of “OLD PUGH” 120 proof
    Phoenix Hotel Company, Inc.

    on label is “this whisky was never owned by any one but the Distillers and ourselves.

    kinda ‘cool’… very smooth, {yes, i cracked it}
    wondered where it came from.
    p.s. LOVE the ‘whisky’ bar idea. good luck w/ that. :)

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