My Dad’s New Knees

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My dad recently had total knee replacement surgery- on both his knees. (Well, actually one knee has been replaced, the other soon will be.) He had grown accustomed to what experts refer to as “walking” and could no longer perform this task.

No, he was not clubbed in the knee by the mob or someone hired by Tanya Harding.

Yes, he lives in Wyoming but the surgery was performed by professionals. I’ve been told they were professional doctors.

No, he does not get to keep the old knees.

Yes, one leg is now longer than the other and he prefers to be called by his new name, Eileen.

No, he didn’t take much time off work.

Yes, while watching this YouTube video of a knee replacement surgery that my dad made me watch, I nearly blew chunks. (I swear to god it’s so gross! Searching for and embedding this video made me gag.)

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