Hi, My Name is Jessica and I’m a Mormon

Some families shouldn’t be forever. This is child abuse, plain and simple. (Fair warning: it’s kind of tough to watch and was shot by her 10 year old daughter.)

On her blog (which is now open to invited readers only) she wrote about her family, “We were sealed in the Bountiful, Utah Temple on June 6, 2009. Our forever family was established 14 years ago. We have SIX very active children. I know we have been blessed to have these sweet spirits in our home.” The family already had 5 children, one of them special needs. The little boy in this video was adopted from Russia and is the 6th child.

Jessica was also the Stake Primary President in her area. (Primary in the Mormon Church is the auxiliary children’s organization.) A calling in a Stake is a leadership roll as it oversees a few wards (i.e. congregations) and is a big responsibility. This woman was responsible for the well being of a lot of children.

I’m not suggesting that the behavior of this one woman should be used to draw conclusions that ALL Mormons are bad or child abusers. But in the context of the new Mormon PR campaign “…and I’m a Mormon” then we have something interesting to think about.

If the Mormon Church is asking us to judge them based on the “good” examples they have put forth in the new ad campaign, then we can also judge the Church based on the bad examples, especially bad examples in leadership positions. By their fruits ye shall know them.

She is in a position of leadership and authority over children. In light of this video the Church must address this behavior. More importantly, this boy is adopted and I’m going to make an educated guess that she and her husband worked with LDS Social Services to adopt this boy. LDS Social Services should address this behavior and should be monitoring this family much more closely.

Regardless of her religious affiliation, what she did to this boy was wrong. Well produced TV commercials won’t convince many of the true character of the Mormon Church; how the leadership responds to this video will.

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  • Lyndsay
    November 30, 2010

    This absolutely breaks my heart – I couldn’t watch the entire thing, but you are right, this is abuse. What the heck was going on that her daughter was shooting that video?

    My grandmother chose to have herself sealed to my grandfather after his death – a man that she despised. I could never figure out why she did that – he was an alcoholic and not very nice (ok, they weren’t very nice to each other). I always wondered if she did it out of spite – so they could be unhappy together forever. Certainly he gets to choose at some point if he wants to be with her or not? (My knowledge of Mormon doctrine is limited at best – I left the church many years ago).

    Even if it is true that we won’t be reunited with the people that we love in the hereafter if we aren’t “sealed” to them, why would a God not let his children choose who they want to spend the rest of eternity with? I find it very difficult to believe that a God who loves his his earthly children and wants them to be happy would make these kind of stipulations/restrictions.

    But whatever, that is just my opinion.

  • Tara
    November 30, 2010

    Wow, that was awful. Do we know what happened on Dr. Phil’s show? Usually I don’t like him, but I hope in this instance, he called her out and called Child Services in the meantime.

    I hope he drew attention to the fact that the Mormon church is against gay people adopting children because it desecrates the idea of “family,” but that her example of an eternal LDS family is abusive and far more harmful towards children than being raised by gay parents who don’t abuse them.

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