SOS Congress Part 2

Last week I wrote about an upcoming event called SOS Congress. Organized by Kimber Lanning, the event was meant to focus attention on the raging immigration debate and show the rest of the country that not everyone in Arizona is a racist bigot. This country needs serious and comprehensive immigration reform, but states cannot accomplish such a task on their own with piecemeal and misguided legislation. Immigration reform is a federal responsibility.

Arizonan’s are being painted as racists by people who don’t even know us or even know how SB1070 came to be. Arizona is a national laughingstock; bans and boycotts will starve Arizona’s local businesses who are not responsible for SB1070.

Don’t ban Arizona; help us stand up to the radical extremists in office. SOS Congress! Stop the decades of inaction and get in action and pass effective, fair legislation that will begin to solve this problem.

I’m at the top of the O in “Congress.” There is a video from the news about the eventĀ here.

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