Jan Brewer: the Worst Arizona Governor since Mecham

At a time when Arizona needs a positive reputation to attract new ideas and new people and new investment, the Governor signed into law the most despicable bill ever to cross her desk.

But what can we expect from a legislature that is consistently out of step with what the citizens of this state actually want, which is immigration reform.

SB1070 has nothing to do with reform and everything to do with a police state and racial profiling. The bill fails on every level to address the real problems of immigration and fails to create real and lasting solutions. Most illegal immigrants are here to work and earn a living not by smuggling drugs or by any of the other exaggerated crimes Russell Pearce uses to frighten people. They are seeking a better life just as every other immigrant before them has wanted.

Russell Pearce, an active Mormon from Mesa, hates gays and immigrants. He hates them! Active Mormons are encouraged to pray and go to the temple to seek spiritual guidance, and if Pearce is following the teachings of his church, then he did just that. That means he thinks God is behind his decision to write this bill. Gov. Jan Brewer said she “prayed” about her decision, which means she thinks God answered her prayer and told her to sign this horrible bill. God is such a bigot!

I’m in shock. I am embarrassed for Arizona and want to shout from the rooftops that Arizona is not a hateful state; many people here oppose this bill. The Mayor of Phoenix Phil Gordon has already called a special meeting of the Phoenix City Council to establish standing to sue the state on grounds that SB1070 is unconstitutional and co-opts the police department to enforce immigration laws that are the rightful jurisdiction of the federal government. The ACLU of Arizona (of which I’m a member) strongly condemned this bill, and the president of the United States even called it “misguided.”

The people who voted for this bill are small-minded hateful bigots, reactionary and not visionary, and in no way speak for me or Arizona.

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