When I Was On The Feast Of Fun

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I was a guest on my favorite podcast. It happened sort of on accident. I was in Chicago and wasn’t planning on being on the show, but I’m glad I did. Summer Nettles was there too and we had a good time with Marc and Fausto. The podcast is great, I’ve been a fan for years. Check out their website or subscribe on iTunes Feast of Fun.

“Spending the winter in the coldest darkest parts of Russia can be extremely difficult. Especially when you’re a closeted gay Mormon missionary.

Today we’re joined by our friend J Seth Anderson, who grew up Mormon, became a missionary and spent two years living in the remote Samar region on the Volga river.

Listen as J Seth tells us the tales of what it was like to be gay and working in the hostile remote parts of Russia trying to come to terms with his own sexuality while at the same time trying to convert Russians to Mormonism.

Plus- the hilarious Summer Nettles joins us to talk about the hot news-

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  • MoHoHawaii
    January 14, 2010

    I listened to the podcast. It was interesting, but I thought the hosts interrupted you too much. As a listener, I wanted to hear more of the story of what happened to you in Russia and how you dealt with being a gay Mormon after your mission.

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