2017headshotMy first name begins with a J (John) but I have always gone by my middle name, Seth. I’m a historian, an activist, a writer and a tea drinker. I currently live in Boston (and I love it!) although Salt Lake City is home. I have a masters degree in history from the University of Utah and I am currently a PhD student at Boston University. My research focuses on the history of sexuality in the United States, specifically gay and lesbian history (and increasingly, the role of religion within the Gay Rights Movement.) My husband, Dr. Michael Ferguson, and I are both academics and activists. My husband was the named plaintiff in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s landmark case that shut down a conversion therapy provider  in New Jersey. We are also proud to be the first same-sex couple married in Utah.

My new book LGBT Salt Lake was published by Arcadia Publishing on May 29, 2017.

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